BMW Compact Cup

The BMW Compact Cup Championship is arguably the most successful UK club circuit racing series of recent years. With full grids and tightly controlled technical regulations the championship is equally attractive to new racers or those looking to hone their rear wheel drive skills against other top class amateur racers. With donor cars available for self builds from less than £500, and good pre-owned race cars for less than £5000, the championship offers not only the the closest racing, but also fantastic value for money.

All race cars are based on:

E36 model, 3 door, BMW 318ti Compact (1996 – 2001)

Basic Technical Specification & Mandatory Parts

Engine: BMW M44, 1900cc, 4 cylinder, 16 valve. Engine specification & performance is tightly controlled to ensure equality. Power output is around 150bhp.  
ROPS: Safety Devices B034 Multi-point bolt in cage: £1049
ECU: Superchips remapped ECU with unique Compact Cup mapping: £250
Suspension: Championship specific GAZ Gold adjustable coil over kit: £1042
Springs: Control spring kit: See Store
Tyres: 195/50 R15 86W Nankang NS-2R (180 Compound): £65.20
Weight: 1150kgs including driver & fluids – post race minimum  

A fully detailed technical build manual is provided to ensure that all cars are built within regulations and to equal specifications.

Other Fixed Costs

BMW Race Days Registration fee (includes BRSCC Race Membership) – £225

Race Entry, per meeting £335


Register for the BMW Compact Cup

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