BMW Compact Cup

The BMW Compact Cup – A one make series based on the BMW E36 Compact (1994 – 2001 | M44 1.9 16v engine). It is aimed at drivers who want their racing to be both fun and superb value.  Suspension is  GAZ Compact Cup spec coilovers. Engine is standard with a Superchips series supplied remapped ECU. Transmission is standard 5 speed gearbox; final drive ratio is standard 3.38 and there is a minimum weight, including driver of 1150kg


The only permitted engine is the BMW M44 1.9 16v. All internal engine parts must be from the M44. 0.5mm rebore is permitted. Compression ratio of 11:1 permitted. Control series ECU


GAZ Gold Compact Cup (402R) specification coilovers. Spring rates and suspension bushes are free and Gaz front adjustable top mounts are permitted.


Marangoni 195/50/ R15 82V – (A) Zeta Linea Sport & (B) Zeta Linea on 15” x 7” or 15” x 7.5” wheels.


Standard gearbox must be retained. BMW quick shift gear change is permitted. Standard gearbox ratios must be retained. Final drive ratio must be 3.38:1.